Thursday, 5 December 2013

With These Eyes

With my eyes,
What did you see?
Did you see the darkness
Of perpetual night,
As slowly it danced
Upon moonlit thoughts?

With my arms,

Where did you reach?
Did you reach for the stars
That shine at night?
Did you reach out
To touch your dreams
As slowly,
They fell to the ground,
Softly dancing
Upon a breeze?

With my eyes,

Did you look in the mirror?
Did you see the emptiness
Of my tortured soul,
Torn apart by life,
As slowly I walk
Through eternal darkness?

Yet, with your eyes,

I can see the light.
I can see the hope
That each new day brings.

Night Dancer

She reaches out to touch the sky,
As clouds fly high on rainbow dreams,
Dancing upon a slumbered sigh.
She reaches out to touch the sky,
As Darkness rules from there on high,
Filling the night with silent screams.
She reaches out to touch the sky,
As clouds fly high on rainbow dreams.

Winter Dreams

It’s cold in here,
Yet here I stand
Alone in the shadows
Of cruel night.

I hear the silence
Of cruel winds
Softly whispering
Through silver trees,
As winter dreams
Dance upon my heart.

I reach out
To catch a dream,
Yet there’s nothing there.

Butterfly Tears

Why do I cry
When butterflies fly?

Their soft wings embrace
The sweet light of day,
As slowly they dance
Upon nature’s dreams,
Yet dreams have no
place in my heart.

Only darkness lives there,
Playing with the memories
Of days long ago.

As butterflies pass,
I close my eyes
And watch them dance
Upon my dreams.

Yet, why do I cry?

Before the Storm

(Picture: Stormy Dusk II by =mydigitalmind. © 2009-2013 =mydigitalmind.)


Before the storm,
She rests a while,
Taking refuge
In the darkness
Of her dreams.

Before the storm,
She plays a while,
Dancing with the embers
Of the dying day.

Before the night,
She stands alone,
In the silence
Of her darkened room.

Before the shadows
Of night descend,
She whispers tears
Into the wind.

Beneath the clouds
Of tainted light,
She holds a dream
Within her hand,
Yet it’s fractured,
Torn apart
By the shadows
Of a distant past.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

I Am Me

I am me,
The girl you see
Reflected in life’s waters,
Tossed aside on stormy seas,
To sail alone in the darkness.

I am me,
The girl inside,
Trapped in the darkness
Of distant memories,
As I slowly walk
Through childhood dreams
And whispers of memories
From long ago.

I am me,
Abused, neglected
By the brutal hands
Of an uncaring man.
I called him “Dad”,
Yet he was no father of mine.

He tortured me in body,
He tortured me in mind,
Shattering my hopes and dreams
As they lay bruised and battered
Upon a stone-cold floor.

I am me,
The girl you see
Reflected in the eyes of fate,
Cast aside on a bloodless battlefield.
I am scarred,
Yet I must go on.

I am me,
Born in a city where ships were made,
Where friendships were forged
from steel and coal,
Where life is hard,
Yet we stand together,
United as one.

Life has been hard,
Yet here I stand,
Tall and proud
Against the perils
Of a darkened land.

Cup of Storms

In a land of darkness
And distant screams,
I stand alone.

Surreality surrounds me
As clouds form within my mind,
Bringing darkened images
To sleepy eyes.

Shadows form
Within my dreams,
Whispering silence
Into my soul.
Taunting me,
Teasing me,
As slowly they dance
Upon blackened hearts.

The night draws ever closer,
Yet, try as I might,
I cannot run.

I stand alone
Beneath the moon
As blackened images
Fill my mind.

Thunder rages
Through the night,
Filling my heart
With blackened dreams,
As slowly,
I drink,
From my cup of storms,
Knowing that life
Must go on.